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Masking for painting the edging.

Masking for edging the cowl area.

Hood back on. It's that time.

Painting the jambs.

Painting the outside, first coat and edging.

Buffing up stainless trim..

Making some trim clips.

Making the side dash marks hole templet.

Painting the inside.

Re placement of the stands.

Radio repair.

The rear removed for restoration.

Making new leafs to install.

Painting the rear ax.

The 1962 fairlane was badly rusted.

The 1962 fairlane was badly rusted.

Seats needed a lot of work too.

I do own a sewing machine, 1932 Consew Singer.

Removing the old material around the old vinyl.

Sewing on new beads for the centers.

Now, sewing in the new centers.

Hog ring placement and install.

Installing the beading.

Installing the centers.

Very strong old sewing machine.

Patching the spring covers. RAW patching.

Starting the booth-garage.

Making progress on the booth-garage.

Made from wood and bulleting board vinyl.

The nut and bolt painted wall.

Parts painted.

Booth painting. Edging some parts.

Parts painting in the home made booth.

Painting a few parts. To be painted again.

The home made buffing machine. Made from a washing machine.

repairing the rear rail.

Bending sheet metal patch.

Patching the rear lobes.

hand made dog leg.

Finishing the patching welding in.

Plastic (Bondo) Smooth over the roughing.

Plastic (Bondo) Smooth over the roughing.

FlowerPowerShort01   What did I do for my 62 Fairlane 500 today?... This is a on-going on line log book of repairs, replacements, and just about everything I have done to the 1962 Ford Fairlane 500 to date. Naturally, I don't up date this log book everyday, but when I do I list here the repairs and fixes, and even just the cleaning, waxing on a nice sunny day.


12-17-2011 (WOW a year to date since the 85 Ranger. Thats wasen't planned. Just happened this way)
  Titled the car in my name.


  Put car on insurance, and got license QQ license plates. Code Enforcement is rough when vehicles arent licensed and registered. So, I beat em this time. neighbors complain, tough crap!. All legal.


  Put car on insurance, and got license QQ license plates. Code Enforcement is rough when vehicles arent licensed and registered. So, I beat em this time. neighbors complain, tough crap!. All legal.


  After taking many pictures for building this web site. I started checking into and working on the Fairlane. First thing is to get some better tires. I desided to get some okay tires for working on the car. Not ready to get new tires. Jacked up the front end, removed the wheels and check out the underside in the front and the engine.
  I am going to need: battery, (we knew that), Plugs, plug wires, battery terminals. Since there is no brakes, I desided to check into the condition of the breaking system. The master cylinder, as it looks needs to be replaced. The break hoses I am also replacing too. The break lines look okay, and they still have the original factory under coating. I diden't pull the drum yet. Plan to do that soon. Hopefully, the shoes are okay and the springs. I checked they are available... Wheel cylinders, we will check when we pull the drums. They probally need replacing too.


  Looked for some 13 inch tires today to put on for working on the car. Found 3 of them, and they will work good for working on the car and short test rides when it's going. Ordered the master cylinder today at Advanced. Have one coming tomorrow beleive it or not.


  MERRY CHRISTMAS!.. While my family is in the kitchen, and they said "get out of underfoot, go outside and work on the car". So, we did... Jacked up the rear and removed the wheels, and took a look at the breaks in the rear... To my surprise, they look in good shape, at least the drivers side rear drum. The pass side we can't get the drum off. We are spraying it with liquid wrench for a day or two. if that don't work, then it's the torch. If that don't work then we might have to break the wheel drum and get a new one. The problem seems to be around where the drum meets the axle. This drum does not have the removing bolt holes.


  Was chased out again of being in the way of food preperations... I was able to get the other rear drum off... It looks just like the other one. Good condition. So was the drum, brakes, and springs. Moving on to the front drums in the week. The rear break lines, may have to be replaced. Not too sure yet.


  Was able to get the front drums off. Some trouble there, as the breaks was too tight against the drum. That was why it was hard to puch into it's parking place. Stared the adjustment down. Cleaned up the drums, breaks and everything. All 4 drums in good condition, all 4 breaks in good condition also including the springs, and original lines.

  Replaced the master cylinder, blead the lines. Wheel Cylinders all look good too. No leaking. Will test, when I get the engine running and see how the trans works. it's supposed to be good.


  Removed the gas tank, drained out the 33 year old gas. (Man Oh Man, 33 year old gas really, really stinks!, litterely)... removed the sender, cleaned out the tank. Lot's of crap in the tank. I'll put a chain in the tank and fill it with water and swish it around to get any other crap that's built up. Then clean it out again, and after I am satified it's clean, put a gallon of gas and swish somemore. Got to replace the fill hose, sender hose, and fuel pump hose, and filter. Look into them soon. Put the decent tires on the front.


  Put a chain in the tank and some water... Swished, and swished... Water came out dark again and eventually lightened up. Rust inside the tank. The sender is in bad shape... Un- repairable. Gonna need a new one. (On Line 65.00 not including shipping). Seems from no gas in the tank, Was very, very low. The sender's fuel guage wiring was shorted to ground. Look's like by the bad and rusty gas inside. The electrical connection, is so rusted, it measures on a VOM short. Too far gone to repair.

  Tank is cleaned out as good as it's going to get without using some gas to clean further. I will do that before it goes back into the car. Going to clean up the outside, and prime and paint with RustOleum before I put the tank back in.... Also, I should paint above the tank too before I put the tank back if all looks well in that area. I really don't want to remove the tank again for painting.


  After I did my running around for chores, I went to the Cape May Junk Yard and found me a battery tray with the top battery holder and the hold down bolts. Had to go to just about every Ford in the yard. All battery tray parts came from Escorts. Checked for fit when I came home, and yes, it fits without a lot of modifications. Diden't put it in yet, too late in the day. Depending on the weather, Sunday or Monday. Have to work Saturday... We'll see.

01-08-12 & 01-09-12

  I started on the battery tray. Found a tray and the battery top holder, and the J bolts for the battery in the junk yard. 5.00. I had to cut out a small area of rusted through metal a few inches square. I'll fix the hold when the weather breaks and install the tray. It's temp painted to stop any surface rust for now.

  it's snowing lightly in this area. While the 62 is covered, there is a little snow on the cover. This is the first snowing the car has seen since 1983 when the car was in the first owners garage. Here's a picture.

Bigger Pic?. Click it.

  The first snow the car has seen since 1983.

  Although it is covered. I had to cover it because there was sooo many people slowing down and even stopping to look at the car. Better to cover because of the roof isen't water restant (painted) yet and the fact that it's 50 years old. Even though it isen't as pleasent to look at as if it was new or restored.



  Today I removed the old spark plugs. I sprayed them for the last few days with pentraiting oil (spray) because there was a little rust around a few. They came out without too much trouble. Gaped new ones, and put in along with new wires, rotor, and distributor cap. I have new condencer and points. I don't want to mess with those yet. Let's see if it will start and run first.

  Next to see if i can find a old trucks mud flaps and cut it out for the pre base of the battery tray. Or something that will work just as good. I have the tray ready, but need a better base then just the plane metal bottom. I'll see if i can find something tomorrow.


  Picked up a half mud flap today at a industrial truck service garage. Cost me a Wawa Shorty... LOL.... Should be big enough to make a platform for the battery tray. I also picked up at Home Depot the hose for the gas tank filler. It should work good. I figure those hoses for PVC pipe for sewer lines should work well because sewer gases and liquids are worse than gasoline... LOL... Too cold to work on the car, so it's running around day getting materials..

  Picked up 4 foot fuel line hose, 8 foot standard heater hose, 6 hose clamps, two battery terminals. Stopped in Wallmart to see prices and sizes of batteries. Their prices went up. Better to get the battery at Advanced instead of Wallmart. I'll have to purchase a battery for a 95 Escort because that is the battery tray that I used. I checked the battery terminals to make sure the pos is on the same side as needed for the 62. It is.


  Picked up the fuel filter, fuel filter adaptor, teflon tape, for the replacement of the fuel filter. I will also have to blow out the fuel lines from the fuel pump to the carb. I'll have to put the battery in first, disconnect the fuel line and crank it to see if any old gas comes out. If so, the fuel pump is working. if not, the fuel pump will need some work first. Maybe I can remove the carb's float-tank cover and have a look to see what kind of shape the carb is in inside. Maybe it's gunked. if so, I might have to re-build the carb before we try to start it. Same thing with the fuel pump. Won't really know until I start that part of the project. I am planning a video of the first crank/start in 33 years.

01-16, 17-12

  After working on this web site while it was very cold these past days. Diden't do much to the car, but I did get some parts together. Heater hose, Fuel hose, AND the gas filler pipe hose. Thought that might be a difficult thing to locate. It's not OEM, but it'll work good. Home Depot. Worked on this web site. I suppose that's whats good about the cold days you can't work out side. Hopefully, this weekend I can get the engine running!. Waiting for pay day first. Pay some bill's, and if i can swing it, a battery.



  Today I removed the old heater hoses and the gas line hose. Installed new hoses. Air blown the fuel line, the 33 year old gasoline to clear it of the old gas to to make sure it wasen't cloged. below is a video. There was no one around to help, so I used the camera to see what was going on under there. I made a short video of the procedure.

You Tube Nav ID Blowing out the fuel line. Cleaning out the line inside.

Blowing out the fuel line.
(Opens in new window)

Blowing out fuel line

  As you can see it went very well. I used a sock to catch the gas and gook instead of throwing it on to the underside of the body. Worked out quite well. Ordered the gas sender today from eBay.

  Also, removed the old original fuel filter (on the carb) replaced it with a adaptor so I can put on a see through type of fuel filter. The kit came with the filter, two short connecting hoses, and 4 clamps. Done, it's in.


  Picked up the battery today. rated 550 cranking amps. It's a Advanced battery (Silver), with reversed terminals. Means, the positive is on the oppisit side facing the passinger's fender. I think I will also add a pig tail from the negitive terminal to the body. Better grounding. it's raining, no working on the car today... maybe tomorrow.

  Also picked up a can of Gunk engine degreaser. It has to be cleaned. I'm also going to have to replace the valve cover gasket. That's why the engine is soooo greasey and oily... better to work on it.. Besides that, it still has the original Ford engine blue paint.


  Picked up some black metal paint and thinner, clean up the gas tank. Painted it in the heated shed. Should be okay to put the gas tank back in after the weather is better and I paint the underside where the gas tank goes. At least, it's ready to go back in.

  I think I found a better way to clean up the engine. Purple Power cleaner. Was talking to someone that used it to clean his engine. Said he used it twice on his engine and cleaned up like new. I have a feeling, all of the original blue paint is still there except for areas on the oil pan. Gonna have to do it, but the question is when?.

Worked on the web site AND something special for use in car shows... Get this:. Install a mp3/cd player like, under the seat. Have a switch on the original radio speaker to go from original radio to CD player... Make a mp3 (they run longer) of songs from 1962, along with in-between the songs WIBG Jingles from 1962 also. That should be a nice touch when people are looking at the car in shows. Think?. [I have always been a WIBG fan and always will] (The WIBG here, isen't close to the original)


  Ordered the valve cover gasket today at Advanced... Had to go up two years (1964) in order to find the engine listed, with parts opened in the computers list. It will be here tomorrow, but I'll get it Friday. It'll be in the car until I get to installing it. Get running, clean engine, then replace the valve cover gasket and a few other engine upgrades. Supposed to rain tomorrow (Figures, I have off tomorrow from work, that's when I was going to work on the car)... But, we'll see tomorrow..


  Well, we got the battery in and mounted today. Looks nice. New battery terminals. Used the old wires. Break lights work, rear running lights work. Headlights don't work, front running lights don't work. The key switch has an issue too. Seems to be worn. I'll look into that another day. We tryed to start her several times, but she just don't want to run. She sounded like she was going to turn over, but, no, just a couple of short tryings.

  Changed the points and condenser. Going to have to buy a point gap tool. Guessed on the gap. Thought we had it, but, it just diden't srart. We have spark. Checked that. Don't know if it's sparking in the right spot. Will check that farther. Played with the carb a little. Seems there should be more gas pedal room. It's a bit close to the floor. Check that later too.

  The fuel pump seems to be working. The see through fuel filter is full. Filled while we were trying to start it from a 2 gallon gas can. Next time, I'll see if gas is actually spraying into the carb. I will also get some carb cleaner too. Till next time, she sits and waits. Work tomorrow, and Saturday. Here's a short video.

You Tube Nav ID First trying to start. The first time.

Trying to start the 62, a few times.
(Opens in new window)

First Starting Try

01-28, 29-12
  We have started the car!!.. We had it running for a hour and a half, with a couple of off's and starts... Here is a 11 minute video on You Tube to show how that went...

You Tube Nav ID Blowing out the fuel line. Cleaning out the line inside.

Starting the car after 33 years.
(Opens in new window)

First engine Running

  I am happy to report, we did get it running. However, it took a lot of work to get it running, once it ran, it started up everytime.. Even the next day started right up. I came home from work yesterday at around 3:30, and desided to see if we can get her running... Ran down to the Wawa for a lawn mover gas can full. Stuck the fuel hose in the can, sprayed the carb and the linkage with cleaner... My doughter, whom was working the starter, wanted to help see her run. It was very refreshing when it ran on it's own after many, many tryes and sprays of starter fluid, and carb cleaner. remember, this was the first running after 33 years... Yes, 33 years...

  I am also not happy to report some problem discoveries... First, Cylinder #3 isen't firing... The water pump leaks (slightly), and one of the freeze out plugs is leaking. The one in the middle of the block, under the exaust manifold... Now, granted, the water pump and the freeze out plug isen't that major problem, but the #3 cylinder could be... Next full day off I plan to remove the valve cover, disconnect the high voltage coil, and have someone crank the engine and see if all lifters are working. If they are, it's most likely a valve internally, and the engine head will need to be removed... Hopefully, if the lifters aren't working, I can tap the valve loose with just the valve cover off. That will be for the next time, and when I have a full day to work on the car.

  On a better note, the linkage is all lubed and working right, as far as I can tell... The next cold start after it setting for a day or so will tell. I replaced the linkage springs. There are two of them... Advanced has a spring package, and I cut and made loops on the spring. Worked well. Now, the throttle does not stick in higher RPM's, and returns like it should. The Auto Choke, we will find that out when I start it from a cold start..

  Adjusted the fan belt and made the generator tighter around the belt... Now, our voltage is where it should be. 14.5. Sometimes it goes higher when the engine is at higher RPM's, but as I remember with cars from this time, that is just about normal... Later on in the project all the charging contacts will be removed from their terminals and cleaned with a finer wire brush.

Here's a few pictures from the day's process...

Bigger Pic?. Click it.

  The meter reads the voltage charging the battery... This is good.... The contacts aren't cleaned yet, but they will be..

Bigger Pic?. Click it.

  The water pump leak. It's on the bottom of the water pump. It's possible it's just the gasket, but replace the pump because it's that old.

Bigger Pic?. Click it.

  Pull out the old, tap in a new.. Sounds easy dosen't it?... LOL... Got to get more anti freeze. If it wasen't winter I could use water.. Thats allright, was going to drain and put in new anyway in the summer.. Looks like it rusted from the inside out.

Bigger Pic?. Click it.

  The engine is drawing the gasoline from this lawn mower gas can... Yes, I did pick up the new left over spring...

Bigger Pic?. Click it.

  New throttle springs... There are two...
You Tube Nav ID The first starting?

Short video with the engine running with #3 Cylinder a miss.

(Opens in new window)

Body prep 03.

  Well now, it's been a busy and exciting two days.. Hasen't it?. Learned more things about the old car... Good and bad, but then, it's actually not that bad really, It could have been worse.... Oh I almost forgot!... You know, the rear wheels are still on blocks. So, I was curious if the trans even began to work... Had my son look at the rear wheels. I hit the brake (although it's not needed in this old car, but did anyway) to see if the wheels turned... Put my foot on the brake, and the speedometer started to read 2 Mph.. Pressed on the brake harder, Speedometer went to zero. Son said they were turning...

  I'll check into cylinder #3, in time... More on that as time progresses... The car is progressing thats for sure... If you want to leave a message for the comments area of the web site Please do. Till next time...


  Tonight, at 9:30PM, I desided to see if the car starts. Was wondering if it started hard or soft. I probally coulden't sleep very well not knowing... LOL... Put the key into the ingition, turned to on. Oil and Gen light came on, Normal.. Turned to start... Nothin!... At first I thought the battery went down, but there wasen't even any starter relay clicking... Then it hit me!.. Oh, these cars had a safety device on the shifter. I remember I had to pull the shifter up, then start with the original car, sometimes.... And yes, she started no problem after I pulled the shifter up. Still has the miss, but sounded a little different, from the exaust, like it's working half way. Could it be working itself loose if it's a stuck valve?....

  Funny, if it's a stuck valve I think I should be hearing the lifters tapping or a broken spring ratteling.. But no, nothin like that... Not hearing anything indicates a burnt valve... But, there is compression, at least with the finger test.... I borrowed a compression tester. But, I need to get the gas tank back in and connected. Running on the lawn mower tank sucks. So, thats the mission next good day. Then we play with the engine.... But, she ran, started easy, no craking, or spraying. I diden't even open the hood....

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