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Cleaning the rims for painting.

Cleaning the rims for painting. The last one!.

Rear painting rear bumper.

The nut and bolt wall of painting.

Paint some inside dash parts.

Front wheel spindels. Before painting.

Paint wheel spindels, before painting.

Paint wheel spindels, before painting.

Everything is from 1962.

Doing the front wheels.

Ready to paint.

Ready to go on.

Ready to Go on.

Ready to go on.

Replacing rear bearings.

Driveway build, little by little.

A dinner I stopped in.

ByStander, camera phone a photo.

Cold springs museum, a kid get's a seat.

Cold springs museum. LQQkers.

Setting the timing.

Driving in Cape May on a summer day.

Pointing to the sticker.

Diana, in offical 60's.

Headlight switch replacement.

Backing in, first time.

Removing the door handels.

Painting the engine.

More engine work.

More engine painting.

New freeze plugs.

Dealing with the headliner.

Overspray on windows removal.

Dash stuff, back in.

New carper Install.

New trunk pocket cover install.

Cleaning up the door panels.

Cleaning up the original 62's hub caps.

The new covering for the rear shelf.

Winter time inside buffing.

Clean for painting.

Masking for painting.

More masking for painting.

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  I forgot to take the picture before I started. After I started the cuts, I remembered. So, here is the before picture.

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  here's what it looked like under the car before I started, Again, The cuts I did.

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  The area ready for cutting and welding in the new metal.

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  I cleaned and sprayed undercoat in the channel before I weld on the "top". I can not spray anything inside when covered. Seam sealer will be used on top and bottom when completed.

  Today I finished the center support. Grinded the surface rust from the rest of the area and primed the complete floor pan area front and back. Except for under where the back seat goes. Waiting to start on the wheel wells and dogleg area before I prime that area. All thats left is to apply the seam sealer. I will do that before I start on the passingers side cow area. I will start that area this weekend. Probally seam seal tomorrow or saturday. Working saturday, so it should be good and dry.

  making good progress these hot days. I am watching out for heat problems. Taking breaks every hour or so. getting there, little by little. Here's a few pictures of todays progress. Remember, the brown paint is Rust O leum primer.

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  Welded in the rest of the center floor. This is where the seat bolts to. Seam sealer is next.

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  grinded away the surface rust. Cleaned, preped and primed with Rust O leum.

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  From front to almost the back. Preped and primed. Now it's on to the passinger side outside cow area.

  Today after work and it got a little cooler just before the sun passed the top of the trees I put on the seam sealer. Now, the drivers side floor is ready for the total painting. That will happen when the car is done. Tomorrow, if the weather allows, I will start the Passingers cow and work my way to the center of the floor area. Note: I used another brush with paint thinner, and went over the sealer to smooth it out to fill in the gaps better. This works well.

  Looks like this side is not as bad. In fact, I think, I may be able to complete this area this week end and start of the cow dividers, and prep for the installation of the spring tower covers, and undercoat. Hopefully, I can get that far this weekend. Here's pictures of todays progress.

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  After the Rust O Leum primer, The seam sealer went on. It was a bit difficult to put it into the little corners, but I did. This is the center beam area. Under the car.

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  This is the center beam area on top, inside. This is the area that the seat rests on. I did drill the seat mounting hole. ready for the next step.

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  The Drivers floor area. All seam sealed, under too. ready to be completed with a few coats of the final paint.

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  All the seams are sealed. Area ready to be painted.

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  The Drivers floor under the car. Also seam sealed and ready for the undercoat.

  Today was a busy day. Started working on the car after breakfast. Slept in a little today... Started on the car about 10:30.. Stoped about 7PM. Got a lot done. Tomorrow, I will continue preping. In piticular, the area along the front rocker where the fender meets. I wanted to let the primer and the sealer dry before I started on that area. Tomorrow, it's that area to prep and then cut in the patches and weld.

  The cow area is done. The inside is preped and ready for the patches. Not as large as the Drivers side. Here's todays pictures. And there is a lot of pictures...

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  Sorry I don't have absolute before pictures on this area. But, here's a before picture.. Almost....

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  Patches welded in and ready for the primer coating.

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  Primer applied. After dry, the seam sealer goes on.

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  The cow area is done and ready for the undercoat...

  The inside passingers floor was a little more difficult than the cow, but not as difficult as the drivers side. There are two spots in the front floor, and two spots in the back floor. Yes, the center beam needs some work just like the other side. Hopefully, tomorrow I can do that, and get the floor done... Here's some pictures of the inside work today.

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  This is under the front floor, in the same area as the Drivers area but not as bad.

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  The round thing is where the seat belts were to bolt to, that is, if you purchased seat belts in those days. They were lap belts only, shure to break your back in most accidents. Thats why shoulder belts are now in service.

Bigger Pic?. Click it.

  The top front passingers floor. Looks kinda simple huh?. There is a bean under there. A small one, but still a beam.

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  This one here is a small one. Just above the seat mounting. I desided to delete the drain hole too.

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