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Cleaning the rims for painting.

Cleaning the rims for painting. The last one!.

Rear painting rear bumper.

The nut and bolt wall of painting.

Paint some inside dash parts.

Front wheel spindels. Before painting.

Paint wheel spindels, before painting.

Paint wheel spindels, before painting.

Everything is from 1962.

Doing the front wheels.

Ready to paint.

Ready to go on.

Ready to Go on.

Ready to go on.

Replacing rear bearings.

Driveway build, little by little.

A dinner I stopped in.

ByStander, camera phone a photo.

Cold springs museum, a kid get's a seat.

Cold springs museum. LQQkers.

Setting the timing.

Driving in Cape May on a summer day.

Pointing to the sticker.

Diana, in offical 60's.

Headlight switch replacement.

Backing in, first time.

Removing the door handels.

Painting the engine.

More engine work.

More engine painting.

New freeze plugs.

Dealing with the headliner.

Overspray on windows removal.

Dash stuff, back in.

New carper Install.

New trunk pocket cover install.

Cleaning up the door panels.

Cleaning up the original 62's hub caps.

The new covering for the rear shelf.

Winter time inside buffing.

Clean for painting.

Masking for painting.

More masking for painting.

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  One of the very small rust holes. This area is covered behind the grill work on the car. I fixed it because I know it's there.

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  Ahhhh, getting there. A little more Bondo, sand, and wet sand.

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  Look. Runs just under the crease. Humph. Oh well, more sanding.... The paint built up under there and said. "gravity has told me to go down". LOL....

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  This is the part on the channel area of the fender. Another very small one, but there are fender mounting areas behind. No welding here....

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  Hum hum... Okay, nice. Sand, Hit it with primer.

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  Ohhhhhh, Ahhhhhh.... Hahahahahaha... yea man!

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  Both fenders. Another coat of primer.

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  After sanding the area down. The first application on Bondo. Remember, I can not get behind to bump out the inverted bumps. So, we do the next best thing. Fill. File around the inverted bumps, and fill, Sand, sand, sand.

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  Sand, apply more, sand, shape. The hardest part was to get the top hood line level with the right and left original lineing up.

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  The hood with the second coat of primer. repaired. There is no more body work to do to this hood.

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  All the hardware on the wall was shot again. I made sure I got all of the angles this time.

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  The wall, and the bumper parts area. I also hit the lone headlight cup. I will hit it again later.
You Tube Nav ID Pictural video of work to the 62 so far. From Setpember 12, 2012, to October 10, 2012.

Pictural video of work to the 62 so far. From Setpember 12, 2012, to October 10, 2012.

(Opens in new window)

Pictural Video Part Four

  Today I finally got some color on the inside of the fenders, hood, and trunk lid. Plus, the hardware. I never want to paint the underside of a trunk lid or a hood again!. The dust from grinding off the old paint get's stuck inside and will not all come out no matter how much I air spray, shake, vacuum.. It's like it's never ending. I was doing real good with the trunk until I aimed the paint gun inside the center hole, and dist flew out two of the triangles in the trunk lid. Now, I have to wait until dry, and sand. I spent a lot, lot of time on this trunk lid and the hood with the underside. Sheez!...

  The other problem I had was the gun kept "spitting". So, I stopped, and took the gun on the outside table and took it apart and cleaned it real good, part by part. After, re-adjusted, and finished. The black paint I thinned too much. Thats okay because all the black is where everything is behind, and one can not see it from the outside, even if your looking for it. The black is just weather, rain, protection. So, the runs I'm not worried about. I know to adjust the thinner and paint better for the underside of the car itself, and the axel.

  So, All okay on this end so far. Tomorrow I will sand and try to hit the hood and the trunk again, and if all goes well, we will be ready to flip them and the fenders for the outside side. If all goes well, then looks like Tuesday in the afternoon we start the doglegs. Looks like to be a nice day, and hopefully I won't be forced to keep bear metal out there for a long time. Probally use WD40 for overnight or something. Thats it for today. Here's some pictures.

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  The hardware wall. They will stay there until they are ready to be installed. Hit from all angles. Thats why the cardboard is showing running.

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  Here's the other black hardware section. The stanless trim clips were hard to cover. So I held them and hit them real good. They are standard steel, and will rust. Maybe it would have been better to "dunk" those parts in the paint. Hmmm, maybe on the rest of them I will try that idea.

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  The front inside fender, the headlight hardware, and the fender hardware... These I also had to hold by hand. The spray gun blew them around. They are hit good though.

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  Both fenders, showing the inside area of the fender. Two coats on. remember, the black area will get hit with undercoating after on the car because it will help with sealing the gasket between the fender and the body.

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  Hood and trunk lid, fenders. The room is sorta filled ya know. Enough of room to spray everything.

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  The hood. This turned out purty good. Gotta sand though because of the gun spitting and use some spot puddy to fill in the deeper grinding areas showing.

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  You can see the dirt in the paint from the air painting if you use the big picture click. Yea, going to need to do this again.

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  And last but not least the Blue hardware wall. The bolts are for the top side of the fenders, where the hood closes, instead of black. The bolts will match the fender...

  Okay so, we are on our way with this part. Tomorrow, I will continue on this part. Hopefully, I can finish up this part tomorrow. I bet the other sides will go better. Thats why I did the less noticed side first to elimate the equipment problems. Stay tuned, more to come. Slowly making our way to the hardest part of this car.

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