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Working on brake lines.

New shoes, springs, and cylinders too!.

New, new new...

The nut and bolt wall of painting.

New again, as it was in 1962.

Painted. Complete.

primer on the rear and roof.

Roofing. Sand, primer.

The cowl, sand, primer and paint.

The sticker from PA.

Cleaning for painting.

Body work on the rockers.

Painting the dash also.

Primer, edging, and the doors.

Primer on the doors, and edging.

Some paint around the edging, and other difficult places.

Buffing the stainless trim.

Bumping out the dents.

Making the dash trim templet for the holes.

making the dash trim holes.

painting the dash.

Buffing the rear trim.

Sanding for another coat.

Masking for floor painting.

The couch for the material.

remove, and replace.

Homemade buffer machine.

driving past a speed trap.

repaired mud deviders.

Wildwood summer drive.

Welding in new pocket-well metal.

paint the underside.

Rear suspension back on.

Protect the sun from my head.

Nasty rusting.

A seat screw from 1962.

Painting the front wall.

The front wheel well, is done.

The other done wheel well.

Front wall is also done.

Rusted mud deviders.

Painting additional items.

Lot's to restore here.

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  Continued from last page (Page 60).

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  The location of entrance and excape. Fast, quick, and dangerous to the parts.

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  There they are!. The little destroyers. Little varments!.
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Attack Of The Ro-Dants.

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Attack Of The Ro-Dants


  Welcome back everyone. It's the start of the 2015 Restoration Season. Time to clean up the areas, get ready to get back to the outdoor work. This year, I am hoping to get her on the road. Finished, or at least to some shows and crusing while finshing touches are done. before we sand for painting, There are a few things we have to catch up on. Clean up and paint the engine, and buff the stainless on the car that can't come off. I will be doing that after the engine is painting and finished... But, for now, here is what was done these past days and weeks.

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  Over Easter Sunday, after dinner, and the relitaves went home, I started to clean up the seat side covers. These go on over the wheel wells inside, where the back seat sets in.

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  Easter Sunday evening, I used the kitchen table and the ceiling fan to paint them. Brush is okay, as these are for prptection, and not really seen.

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  A week later, I started to clean up the areas. The work areas, booth, and the shed. All is ready. The only thing left is to deal with the tree blossems falling.

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  Over the winter, winter winds blew leaves and dirt through the homemade booth door. I will need to replace that when we paint. It's a bit torn up. Blowing off the car from the winter winds dirt.
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2015 Restoration Season Has Benun.

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2015 Restoration Season Has begun


  We are up to painting the engine. But first, we have to remove several parts, clean them up and paint them. Then, we have to prep the engine itself for painting. That requireres several steps to get it ready to paint. This paint, is a engine paint. Made to withstand high temps.

  Then, use a degreaser to remove oil and grease, rough up the existing engine block, valve cover, and surface so the paint will stick. The parts, painted off the car, will be re installed after the paint cures. The following pics and video was done within the week or so. Here's how that went.

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  Rust. removed the parts, Clean up, and paint. Now, we cleanup the engine block, valve cover and ready those for painting.

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  The rad fan was very rusty, and rust crusty. The original fan, with 50 years of rust, crust, and dirt. We cleaned it up. Painted. Looks like new (next video)

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  The generator was almost the same shape. Had to scrub the grease off. Hopefully, the cleaner I used dosen't hurt the inner parts. I was careful. If it don't charge, I did. We will know when we start it and use the voltage meter...

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  The air cleaner. This cleaner is the right one for this engine. The one that came with the car was not. This cleaner will be painted red (old Ford Red), to match the engine colors. Black, Blue, and red. of the years engine.
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Engine Painting 01 (Remove, Clean, Paint Engine Parts)

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Engine Painting 02 Remove, Clean, Paint Engine Parts


  For the past few days, here and there, we been working on the engine getting it ready for painting. Cleaning it up, de grease, and removing parts. Now, we are ready to mask and paint. But, there is still more to do under the hood. A bit more difficult, but it has to be done. That is another video... Here's how these few days went...

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  It was still cold at night. To save time, I deceded to paint these parts inside the house. If you do, make sure you have good ventulation. This type of paint stinks.

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  After gunking the engine it's time to spray it off with the garden hose. Messy job, but has to be done.

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  Painting some engine parts. These include the generator, starter, and mounts.

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  Now, we paint the engine. Next video, removing some under struff, and painting the oil pan (removed) and bumping out a few dents in the oil pan, and painting more.

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  Looks nice... It will really look good all back together...
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Engine Painting 02 ()

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Engine painting 02


  We are still on the engine painting, and re-installing the painted engine parts. Some things do not get painted. The steel vac lines, gas line... They are cleaned up, Originally from the factory they were not painted. There is more work under the hood to do. We are progressing quite nicely. Here's a up date, and there is more to follow... NOTE: Oil pan removal and painting, and the transmission pan will have to wait for a later date... For now, we progress. Chow!.

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  Carb base, and carb. Cleaned up, and re installed... Along with the fuel line, and the filter.

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  Plugs, Wires, and distributor cap. Although, they have to be cleaned up. Diden't do that yet.

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  Generator mount. Have to paint the motor mount though....

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  There we go. Painting the motor mount... Thinner is the best liquid for cleaning up this stuff for painting..

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  And yes, the exhaust manifold. This is a special paint. Flame Proof paint.
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Engine Painting 03 (Re Installing Painted Parts)

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Engine painting 03

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