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Masking for painting the edging.

Masking for edging the cowl area.

Hood back on. It's that time.

Painting the jambs.

Painting the outside, first coat and edging.

Buffing up stainless trim..

Making some trim clips.

Making the side dash marks hole templet.

Painting the inside.

Re placement of the stands.

Radio repair.

The rear removed for restoration.

Making new leafs to install.

Painting the rear ax.

The 1962 fairlane was badly rusted.

The 1962 fairlane was badly rusted.

Seats needed a lot of work too.

I do own a sewing machine, 1932 Consew Singer.

Removing the old material around the old vinyl.

Sewing on new beads for the centers.

Now, sewing in the new centers.

Hog ring placement and install.

Installing the beading.

Installing the centers.

Very strong old sewing machine.

Patching the spring covers. RAW patching.

Starting the booth-garage.

Making progress on the booth-garage.

Made from wood and bulleting board vinyl.

The nut and bolt painted wall.

Parts painted.

Booth painting. Edging some parts.

Parts painting in the home made booth.

Painting a few parts. To be painted again.

The home made buffing machine. Made from a washing machine.

repairing the rear rail.

Bending sheet metal patch.

Patching the rear lobes.

hand made dog leg.

Finishing the patching welding in.

Plastic (Bondo) Smooth over the roughing.

Plastic (Bondo) Smooth over the roughing.

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  Well, so far, the engine and compartment are ready. Except for the sprucing up of the battery tray and the holder for the battery. I can do that while the paint is curing, or whenever... But, for now, we can now start on the stainless that can't come off the car. This is going to be a challenge. But, that is another day... Here's what was happening... See ya next time..

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  Before we put the engine back together, we need to get into some spots while we can for waxing. So, now, we can..

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  We re-install the rad, and connect the hoses... I also had a chance before the rad went in to clean up and re-paint the tie rod cavityies. Nice.

Bigger Pic?. Click it.

  There all back together and running. We re-adjusted the carb also. Better now...
You Tube Nav ID Engine Painting 04 (Shinning, Stuff Back On, Starting.)

Engine Painting 04 (Shinning, Stuff Back On, Starting)

(Opens in new window)

Engine painting 04


  Well everyone. I was not planning on re building the carb just yet. But, the car had different plans, and as always something come along to change plans on the restoration order. So, One day I was taking the car back in from my little work area, and just about the tail end to enter the booth, she dies. Flat out stops running. Won't start. Okay, se we check spark, and all. Found that the carburetor stopped carbing. Sooo, it's remove and re build.

  I don't know much about these things, but Vic knows. He says "I seen these things go good and go bad on a re build". He never re built a single barrel. So, we give it a go. A few things we did wrong, and the video shows it. But, we did recover, and we are ready to progress....

Bigger Pic?. Click it.

  On the little bench, we take the simple single barrel carb apart and inspect the parts. We see between the two re build kits just wnat we have. Or have not.

Bigger Pic?. Click it.

  After cleaning the parts, houseing, making sure the littke tunnels, and passages are clean and clear of dirt. We put back together, and re install the carb.

Bigger Pic?. Click it.

  Well, somethings wrong. Backfireing is not a wanted thing to happen. Back to the drawing board.... We checked the blow out pic view from the old book, and found the square rounded rubber thingys were in backwards. After checking farther, we found that the High Speed thing should be more free to move up and down. We used silicone lube as suggested by the re build web site...

Bigger Pic?. Click it.

  The other thing..... The timing was never checked. The bolt was loose, but the dist was stuck. But, after re-adjusting the timing, that helped also... So, now, we are ready to move on....
You Tube Nav ID Carb Re Build 01 (In Line 6 Ford 200)

Carb Re Build 01 (In Line 6 Ford 200)

(Opens in new window)

Carb Re Build 01


  It's time to buff up the stainless that can not come off the car. If removed, it will get damaged. Glues, Screws, and such. So, it's not that bad to buff up the trim on the car. This has to be done before we paint the car. If any paint get's on the buffed trim, it will not be that bad to remove because of the rouge residue left on from buffing. Besides that, buffing the trim after painting will mess up the paint. Just look at the black marks on the pre paint allready on the car. That will sand out when prepping for painting. So, here's whats going on.

Bigger Pic?. Click it.

  First, we remove the tape from the last work masking.

Bigger Pic?. Click it.

  After buffing the metal, we use the Dremel and a 1/2 in buffing wheel to spruce up the 1962 window rubber.

Bigger Pic?. Click it.

  We use tape (frog tape) around the back primer while we are buffing the rear window trim. The front, has the same, and also will be buffed too.

Bigger Pic?. Click it.

  See, the front window trim is done.
You Tube Nav ID Buff On Car Trim 01 (Needed Before We Paint)

Buff On Car Trim 01 (Needed Before We Paint)

(Opens in new window)

Buff On Car Trim 01


  We keep going with the buffing of the on car trim. This car has a LOT of stainless and aluminum trim. WOW, It is a lot. It's amazing just how much this car has. But, we have to buff it ALL and re install it after the paint has cured, and re sanded for imaging. For now, here's what was done this time.

Bigger Pic?. Click it.

  It was a nice day that day. I drive the car out to the work area and continued on the buffing...

Bigger Pic?. Click it.

  Fly window, top brow, and the back trigulanger window... All buffed up and ready...

Bigger Pic?. Click it.

  There is the rear of the door... Remember, this car is all apart. Should look very bright when everything is back on.
You Tube Nav ID Buff On Car Trim 02 (The Last Before Prep For Paint)

Buff On Car Trim 02 (The Last Before Prep For Paint)

(Opens in new window)

Buff On Car Trim 02


  Time to really get the outside of the car ready for painting. This video is the first in the series. It takes soooooo long to get the surface ready for it's painting. I plan, 5 coats. 1 of these coats will most likely be sanded off for imaging.... What?, you say?. Yes, after curing there will be more sanding. Twice. Ending with 5000 grit paper... Well, I'll explain that later on, but for now, here we go....

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  First, we have to plug up the holes to keep the sanding water out.

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  Sanding with 400 first. Then, 1500... But were not done yet. Stay tuned!.
You Tube Nav ID Painting Preparation 01 (Water sanding and sanding)

Painting Preparation 01 (Water Sanding And Sanding)

(Opens in new window)

Painting Preparation 01


  Well now, we are finally close to painting the car. Finally!. Hopefully, there won't be any delays, Er, I mean, long delays. We are sooo close. Hopefully, the weather will hold out, espically a few days after she's painted for the paint to cure. Need the sunlight for heat.... Well, thats another day. Here's whats been going on...

Bigger Pic?. Click it.

  The day before, it rained. Down pored for 45 minutes. The booth had water, and real close to the car's tires. Had to clean it out anyway to get ready for painting. More cleaning work to do. But it's ready for preparation work.

Bigger Pic?. Click it.

  After cleaning up the booth. Time for water sanding. The whole car. Top to bottom.

Bigger Pic?. Click it.

  Also, seal up the car's entrance. Keeps the dust, dirt, and hopefully bugs out.

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