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Working on brake lines.

New shoes, springs, and cylinders too!.

New, new new...

The nut and bolt wall of painting.

New again, as it was in 1962.

Painted. Complete.

primer on the rear and roof.

Roofing. Sand, primer.

The cowl, sand, primer and paint.

The sticker from PA.

Cleaning for painting.

Body work on the rockers.

Painting the dash also.

Primer, edging, and the doors.

Primer on the doors, and edging.

Some paint around the edging, and other difficult places.

Buffing the stainless trim.

Bumping out the dents.

Making the dash trim templet for the holes.

making the dash trim holes.

painting the dash.

Buffing the rear trim.

Sanding for another coat.

Masking for floor painting.

The couch for the material.

remove, and replace.

Homemade buffer machine.

driving past a speed trap.

repaired mud deviders.

Wildwood summer drive.

Welding in new pocket-well metal.

paint the underside.

Rear suspension back on.

Protect the sun from my head.

Nasty rusting.

A seat screw from 1962.

Painting the front wall.

The front wheel well, is done.

The other done wheel well.

Front wall is also done.

Rusted mud deviders.

Painting additional items.

Lot's to restore here.

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  Flippin' 50's Restaurant. Located in Del Haven, NJ. Best hot turkey sandwitch platter in this area. Meat piled high, pleanty of gravy, and mashed potatos.

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  Another shop I know. Henry is 93?. He's up there. Has his own township holiday for his military service way back when.

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  I should have parked the car a little more to the right. There was just about enough of space for the Little Old Lady from pasidena to park inbetween. She was close.
You Tube Nav ID 62 Goings On 09 (Fun and visit with the 62)

62 Goings On 09 (Fun and visit with the 62)

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62 Goings On 09

  Last week, we went to another car show. This one is different, and the cars, plus the buildings, plus the people in them are a part of a working history museum. The cars that day were a part of the musium. Here's how that day went.

  The video, is quite long, as it also includes the building and whats going on in them like it was 17-1800's. I did enjoy the day, and I hope you watch the complete video to also enjoy the day.

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  The Blacksmith. Making steel things the way it was back in the 1800's. This for me, is the best shop here. And why not?. Works with metal, just like I did!.

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  I let a youngster sit in the drivers seat. Yes, dad took pictures too!.

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  One of the buildings (that was also from the 1800's), and what they did in those duildings.

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  Yes, making there own rugs, and clothing too. This is a rug loom. Operated by hand, no electric back then.

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  People looking at the car. There was almost always someone there, or a bunch of people at the same time.
You Tube Nav ID 62 Goings On 10 (Cold Springs Village Museum Car Show)

62 Goings On 10 (Cold Springs Village Museum Car Show)

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62 Goings On 10

09-07-16 (Appending)
  Well, it happened. I forgot a video to upload and place in the restoration progression. A small video, but, never the less, a LARGE part of the restoration. This video, was sitting out of the line, and I totally passed it. Not too long ago, but, it's out of the progression.

  But, better late than never. So, here's the video anyway. Hope you enjoy it.

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  That is, the last part until I do more that I either forgot, or went deeper into the stuff overlooked, or to improve the existing parts, or repair, or service a few additional things.

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  There goes Victor. Getting in the way of the camera again. Guess you'll have to see the video to find out what it is.

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  Let's take a look at the video and find out!.
You Tube Nav ID Fo Mo Co

Fo Mo Co

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62 Fo Mo Co

  What does Pirate Radio (or even radio broadcasting) have to do with the 62 Fairlane?. When I was in my teens, I missed the auto years by many years because of radio, electronics, and electrical. Some people say when you get older you revert back to the days you were a kid. That maybe true, but this may be taking it a little too far. As always, I seem to over do things. And this video is no exception.

  There is nothing on the web about my ileagle activities when I was younger. I got together all the memories and put together this video, on you tube, to preserve the stations, and share my life with you. Hope you enjoy, espically, if your into this kind of thing. Pirate radio. It's funny, while doing the first station WSWP, I was also working in licensed broadcasting and communications at the time.

  Isen't it funny how we take to the internet when air radio has failed?. At least for Pirate Radio.

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  A short trip through my life that brought me to restoring my first car at 16. What stopped me from getting into cars?.

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  The WSWP AM Studios. It all started when I was about 10, kept going into my early 20's.

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  The station just kept growing. More equipment, bigger space. I suppose, it was good I was working in commercial radio. Most of the equipment was given to me from stations I worked it. Way back when.

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  This station WSJL AM was later in my years, in another state. Not in broadcast anymore, but at that time I had a communications service and installation company. A new type of syncing transmitter was available. I wanted to try it out. Promising for the microbroacaster, but as the story goes, still not legal without special ways to get the syncing pulse to all transmitters. Shame, it did look promising.

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  With WSJL, computer automated and live, with 5 of these synced transmitters at 99mw, still not legal. However, with some much dollars, it could have been legal. To this day I don't think there was anyone using these that were actually 1 mile apart and synced. If that was the case, acording to the FCC the station would be legal. Too much money to find out. Another feather in the FCC's hat. But then, if someone really did the syncing 1 mile apart, I bet the FCC would find a way to say it's illegal.
You Tube Nav ID Pirate Radio WSWP and WSJL and the 62 Fairlane.

Pirate Radio WSWP and WSJL and the 62 Fairlane.

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Pirate Radio WSWP and WSJL

  The Wildwood Boardwalk car show was last Saturday. I had to work, was unable to attend the show. But, after work I did take part in the afternoon cruse. Something special happened on the way home. I was late getting home, but I had a nice day. Here's a video of the day. Hope you like it.

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  Yes, I did make the crusing afternoon. Nice ride, lots of people and other old cars to take to the streets. It was also Irish weekend, the bars was also packed.

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  Pacific Avenue, Wildwood New Jersey. The main street for the cruise. No, no burn outs. There were cops at almost every corner. I am sure the City Of Wildwood made lot's of money that weekend.

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  Some people took to the side walks with chairs in hand to watch the old cars go by. Some had birds eye views.

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  It was late by the time I got home. But, I did find something special today.

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  The first time I had the 62 out so late. I was surprised as to the amount of light the old headlights shined.
You Tube Nav ID 62 Goings On 12 (Wildwood NJ Street Cruising + Explorer)

62 Goings On 12 (Wildwood NJ Street Crusing + Explorer)

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62 Goings On 12

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